Most Popular Mexican Candy and Sweets



Watermelon flavored lollipops with chili centers.


Mazapan Peanut Candy

Triple layers peanut mazapan candies are a delicious round chewy candy made of crushed peanuts. Scrumptious peanut candy marzipan-style makes... [Read More]


Vero Rellerindos

Rellerindos Tamarind shaped flavor hard caramel candy with a soft & spicy candy center. Great as loot bag and pinata... [Read More]



One of the most beloved and recognized tamarind pulp candy.



Lollipop with layers of fruity flavor ending with a mango-gum center.


Pica Goma

A delightful Mexican confection, Pica Goma, made by Vero, are a strawberry, Tamarind, watermelon-flavored chewy spicy gummy covered in chili.


Pelon Pelo Rico

Squeeze the plastic container and savor the taste of refreshing tamarind-flavored gel. These mini containers are the perfect snack for... [Read More]

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