Most Popular Mexican Candy and Sweets


Lucas BomVaso

This tamarind candy features a gum ball that alters the texture as you enjoy it.


Canels’ Gum

The small, easy-to-go gum seen at convenience stores across the country.


Manita Lollipop

Strawberry-flavored lollipops dipped in chili powder, shaped like a hand. You have to wonder though, who’s hand is that?


Limon 7

Salt and lemon powder that can be enjoyed as candy or served on food.



This candy is a combination sweet, salty, and spicy—like a Mexican pixie stick.


Pica Goma

A delightful Mexican confection, Pica Goma, made by Vero, are a strawberry, Tamarind, watermelon-flavored chewy spicy gummy covered in chili.

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