Most Popular Mexican Candy and Sweets


Mazapan Peanut Candy

Triple layers peanut mazapan candies are a delicious round chewy candy made of crushed peanuts. Scrumptious peanut candy marzipan-style makes... [Read More]


Lucas Muecas

Fun tongue-shaped candy that you get to dip into sweet and spicy candy powder.



Dedos is among the most popular Mexican candies. It is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. You can eat... [Read More]



Thin stripes of candy that pack a flavorful punch. They kind of look like long pieces of spaghetti.



Very long and thin lollipops


Canels’ Gum

The small, easy-to-go gum seen at convenience stores across the country.


Manita Lollipop

Strawberry-flavored lollipops dipped in chili powder, shaped like a hand. You have to wonder though, who’s hand is that?



Hot candy strips with tamarind filling on the inside. An intense but fun flavor experience!



Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then pick up 3 boxes of these great tasting Ricolino Duvalin Candy. These are... [Read More]

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