De La Rosa Brand Candies

One glimpse of the signature rose logo can harken back to days of oldβ€”eating mazapan on the side of city streets. De La Rosa is one of the top candy manufacturers in Mexico bringing smiles to kids and kids at heart for over 70 years.

Mini Jumbo Cereza Lollipop

Smaller versions of the large lollipop so many loved growing up. This candy is cherry-flavored with a gum surprise in the center.


More bite-sized version of the popular Pulparindo.


One of the most beloved and recognized tamarind pulp candy.

Mazapan Peanut Candy

Triple layers peanut mazapan candies are a delicious round chewy candy made of crushed peanuts. Scrumptious peanut candy marzipan-style makes for a classic taste.