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All About Mexican Gum

Ever since its conception, chewing gum has been a big deal in Mexico. In fact, Mexico is one of the world’s largest distributors of chiclet—which is the substance from which chewing gum is made from. It is derived from the... [Read More]

7 Best Mexican Lollipops

Mexican candies often combine sweet flavors with salt and spices. So it’s common to find sweet mango or watermelon lollipops coated with a mix of salt and chili pepper. As soon as you taste them, you feel a breathtaking explosion... [Read More]

What is Mexican Tamarindo Candy?

Mexican tamarind candy is also known as Mexican tamarindo candy. Tamarind candy is a type of sweet that is produced from the fruit of the tamarind tree which usually grows in the tropical areas such as Africa, India and some... [Read More]

Spanish to English Mexican Candy Translations

For the novice to the world of Mexican candies and Spanish, in general, here’s a quick primer that should make your selection of candies a little easier: Bola – Ball Cajeta – Fudge Chamo – Kid Chicle – Chewing gum... [Read More]

What is Pulparindo Candy?

Do you like candy flavors that surprise your tastebuds? If so, then you might want to take a look at the Mexican candy known as Pulparindo. This candy, produced by De La Rosa, is made from the tamarind fruit pulp.... [Read More]

Mexican Candy Brands and the Candies They Make

Kids (and even kids at heart) love candy. Candies are attractive because they come in many varieties, sizes, flavors, colors, and shapes. But of all the varieties available, Mexican candies are perhaps some of the most creative. After all, Mexican... [Read More]

Rellerindos Mexican Candy: An Authentic Treat

Almost everyone has played with a piñata before. It is no accident that this Mexican tradition involves plenty of candy: Mexico is home to a variety of unique candy treats. One of these distinctive-tasting confections is Rellerindos Mexican candy, a... [Read More]

The History of Mexican Candy

There are very few countries that can claim an assortment of candies as broad and delicious as Mexico’s. Mexican “sweets” (they aren’t actually all sweet) come in a variety of surprising textures and exquisite flavors. Traditional Mexican candies and sweets,... [Read More]