Tamarindo Mexican Candy

Also known as tamarind, tamarindo is a unique flavor that is fairly prominent in Mexican candy. One has described the flavor as being a combination of lemons, apricots and dates.


Salty and spicy tamarind wrapped around a straw.


Hot candy strips with tamarind filling on the inside. An intense but fun flavor experience!


Very long and thin lollipops


More bite-sized version of the popular Pulparindo.


Enjoy this natural tamarind fruit treat from Mexico.


Dedos is among the most popular Mexican candies. It is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. You can eat it alone or cut it into bite size pieces and add them to your fruit just like you would add... [Read More]


One of the most beloved and recognized tamarind pulp candy.

Vero Rellerindos

Rellerindos Tamarind shaped flavor hard caramel candy with a soft & spicy candy center. Great as loot bag and pinata filler! 65 count individually wrapped candy included in bag.