Rellerindos Mexican Candy: An Authentic Treat

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Almost everyone has played with a piñata before. It is no accident that this Mexican tradition involves plenty of candy: Mexico is home to a variety of unique candy treats. One of these distinctive-tasting confections is Rellerindos Mexican candy, a filled hard candy with a flavor it is hard to forget.

What Are Rellerindos?

Rellerindos are small, peanut-shaped, and feature a hard, sweet and spicy caramel coating on the outside. The inside, however, is what gives Rellerindos their unforgettable taste. Each candy is filled with a soft, tamarind-flavored center that makes the candy taste sour and spicy, (in addition to the caramel flavor outside). They are either sold individually wrapped in bulk, or in packages of 13 or 65 candies each. Candies are typically individually wrapped, making them ideal for sharing.

What Do Rellerindos Taste Like?

The center filling of Rellerindos has a distinct tamarind flavor. Tamarind fruit is a sour, tangy legume. It is common in cuisines around the world, particularly in the Middle East, but now very much in Mexican candies. The tamarind fruit is actually what Rellerindos are shaped to look like. The Rellerindos Mexican candy filling has been described as tasting like a strong citrus or similar to a spicy chili. They may be an acquired taste for candy lovers used to very sweet confections, but are popular in Mexico for their unique taste. It is recommended to suck on the Rellerindo candy instead of biting into it, in order to not be overwhelmed by the tamarind flavor.

What Ingredients Are In Rellerindos?

The ingredients of Rellerindos are listed as sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, chili, salt, corn starch, artificial flavors and colors: FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C yellow No. 6, FD&C Blue No. 1. Perhaps unexpectedly, Rellerindos do not actually contain tamarind paste, but mimic the flavor with chili and citric acid. Those with allergies should be aware that Rellerindos are manufactured in a factory that processes peanuts, soy, wheat and milk.

What Are Rellerindos Used For?

Rellerindos are commonly used as piñata and loot bag favors, or for every day treats.

Who Makes Rellerindos?

Rellerindos Mexican candy is made by the Mexican confectionery company, Dulces Vero. Dulces Vero is one of the largest candy companies in Mexico, and produce a variety of hard candies, lollipops and other sugary treats.

Where Can Rellerindos be Purchased?

Rellerindos are common in candy shops and corner stores in Mexico. They may also be found in areas of the United States with high Mexican populations, such as California and New Mexico, or in Latin American grocery stores. Outside of these areas, Rellerindos Mexican candy can be ordered online. Check out the selection here.

If you are looking to fill your piñata or themed party with more authentic Mexican flavors, Rellerindos Mexican candy should be on your shopping list. Pair them with mango and watermelon flavored candies, which are also popular in Mexico. Be sure to warn your guests before eating Rellerindos if they have never tasted them before, as some find the tamarind flavor overwhelming at first.

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