Sour Mexican Candy

Lucas BomVaso

This tamarind candy features a gum ball that alters the texture as you enjoy it.


Powdered lime and salt candy. Sounds weird, but oh so good. Makes a great condiment for fruit and drinks as well!


Hot candy strips with tamarind filling on the inside. An intense but fun flavor experience!

Lucas Muecas

Fun tongue-shaped candy that you get to dip into sweet and spicy candy powder.

Lucas Gusano

Each accordion squeeze bottle contains 1.27 oz of chamoy flavored hot liquid candy, spicy and sweet for your enjoyment.

Lucas Mango Mexican Candy

Sweet and sour mango flavored candy in a small container so that you can take it with you on the go. Perfect for dipping lollipops in it.


Dedos is among the most popular Mexican candies. It is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. You can eat it alone or cut it into bite size pieces and add them to your fruit just like you would add... [Read More]

Limon 7

Salt and lemon powder that can be enjoyed as candy or served on food.