What is Mexican Tamarindo Candy?

Mexican tamarind candy is also known as Mexican tamarindo candy. Tamarind candy is a type of sweet that is produced from the fruit of the tamarind tree which usually grows in the tropical areas such as Africa, India and some parts of Asia.

What does tamarind taste like?

The tamarind flavor is known for having a sweet and at the same time a sour taste. Many liken it to a sour date. It has high content of tartaric acid, sugar and vitamin B.

Here are some of the most beloved tamarind-flavor candies:

1. Borrachitos

Walking along the streets of Puebla, Mexico, and you happen to come across a candy shop, you will find some borrachitos generally lying beside the camotes. They are fruity and are having lime, pineapple and strawberry flavor. They have a soft jelly-like consistency, coated with grains of sugar. They are usually homemade and amazingly enough, this makes them a whole lot pleasant as compared to those which are regarded as factory made.

2. Pulparindo

pulparindo bar on a plate

This candy is the real deal candy. It is spicy, salty and also has a strong touch of tamarind flavor. It is exactly like an Airhead, except that it is not having that much sugar in its composition. If you really want it wild, you can try a little hot and salted Pulparindo.

3. Rebanaditas

This is one of the top and most iconic candy in Mexico. It is difficult to determine which part of this candy tastes best: the salty and spicy chili coating that forms an explosion of exquisite flavor in your mouth, or the sweet watermelon flavor in it that makes you feel so good about yourself. With this single lollipop, you get the best of everything right in it. When you are thinking of the little things in the world to admire and appreciate, this lollipop is definitely part of those things you can’t but consider to appreciate.

4. Chamoy Candy

This candy is another type of famous candy among the Mexicans. It constitutes of mango and apricot as the fruit base and it has a sweetened, saltish and sour taste. It is available in Mexico’s most renowned candy shops, fruit sauces and also at the frozen confections shops such as slushies and they are often being regarded as chamoyada. Quite a number of the sweetest Mexico confections are made from the collection of several dried fruits and among them are mangoes and apricot. Chamoyada exists in both liquid form and in thick paste and not only that, but interestingly it is also in powdery form which is edible on its own and can also be used as toppings on other types of fruits and concoctions.

5. Mexican Lollipops Candy

Lollipops are part of the Mexican’s most favorite sweets, and there are varieties flavor choices to choose from depending on each individual’s taste. They can be made spicy which can either be mild or hot and also there are the non-spicy concoctions. The Mexican lollipops usually constitute of spicy tamarind extract with a dash of hot pepper powder. As for the people who prefer non-spicy treats, Mexicans lollipops also provides its lovers with sweetened categories which happens to be having gum as one of its constituent. Mexican’s Lollipops are really being cherished for their vast fruity flavors which includes: apricot, pineapple and mango. Majority of these fruity flavored Lollipops are usually being spicy most of the times.

6. Cajeta Candy

When taking about really sweetened concoctions, Cajeta is the real deal and it is one of Mexico’s most loved and famous candy. Cajeta is manufactured directly from the cow’s milk and it can be consumed on its own or also used as a frosting or shavings on a variety of dishes or on other candies. Cajeta is commonly consumed with floppy jack, cookies, cronuts, cakes and also with wafers. Cajeta is as well used in candies such as hard candies, melting candies and lollipops.

7. Pelon Pelo Rico

This famous candy has a tamarind flavor and it is being manufactured at Mexico. This product came originally from Guadalajara. This particular type of candy naturally has a sour lime extract, with additional spicy flavor in its content. The ingredients are sucrose, water, fructose, and pepper powder. Interestingly, it also has a special watermelon flavor extract and it is mostly found in Mexican’s popular candy stores and shops. It is greatly and widely consumed in both Mexico and in the United State of America.

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