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De La Rosa Gum

Though it looks oddly familiar, De La Rosa brand chiclets often come at a cheaper price for an equally great flavor.

Canel’s Fruit Gum

Like the original Canel’s, but this one comes in banana, cherry, apple, and grape. Yum!

Lucas BomVaso

This tamarind candy features a gum ball that alters the texture as you enjoy it.

Manita Lollipop

Strawberry-flavored lollipops dipped in chili powder, shaped like a hand. You have to wonder though, who’s hand is that?


Palerindas are Mexican suckers. Each hard candy lollipop is tamarind flavored with a chili coating. These lollipops are a tasty treat with a level of spice that’s just right.


Powdered lime and salt candy. Sounds weird, but oh so good. Makes a great condiment for fruit and drinks as well!


Salty and spicy tamarind wrapped around a straw.


This candy is a combination sweet, salty, and spicy—like a Mexican pixie stick.